“Take notice! I’m about to create New Heavens and a New Earth; the former things won’t be remembered, nor will they come to mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in what I am creating, for I am about to create Jerusalem as a joy, and its people as a delight.”

(Isaiah 65: 17-18; Revelation 21: 1-8; 2 Peter 3: 9-13 )

The passages of the Bible tells us about the history of time is finished.

The history of eternity has just began.

New Heaven and New Earth

New Jerusalem City coming down from God out of Heaven is like a bride. It is a cube city where the length, width and depth has 2,216 kms each or as big as the moon. Can easily accommodate Ten (10) billion people.

The foundation city wall are made of jasper, sapphire, agate, emerald, onyx, carnelian, chrysolite, beryl, topaz chrysoprase, jacinth, and amethyst. All of these gems deflects the seven colors of rainbow whenever light shone in them.

The Twelve (12) gates is made of single pearl and the streets are made of pure gold as clear as glass. (Revelation 21:16; 19-21)


Apostle John was the writer of Book of Revelation as our Lord Jesus shown to him what will transpires in the end times. He was in the Island of Patmos, Greece around 95 A.D.

He saw the future events before God will make a New Heaven and New Earth.



The Bible has 31,102 verses. One-third (1/3) of the whole bible is prophecies (future events to come) which is equivalent to One thousand (1000).

Out of One thousand, Two-third (2/3) or 666 are already fulfilled. The remaining prophecies will be fulfilled during the “END TIMES”.


Let us see the Grand Finale in this infographics:


We are reading tomorrow’s news today!

God just like a good director started at the end, then begins.

Christianity is the only system of belief that tells us with great details about the future events.


This is what the LORD says, the King of Israel and its Redeemer—the LORD of the Heavenly Armies is his name—: “I am the first and I am the last, and apart from me there is no God.  (Isa 44:6)
Who is like me? Let him proclaim and declare it, and lay it out for himself—since he made an ancient people. And let him speak future events; let them tell him what will happen.  (Isa 44:7)
Don’t tremble, and don’t be afraid. Didn’t I tell you and announce it long ago? You are my witnesses. Is there any God besides me? There is no other Rock—I don’t know of any.”  (Isa 44:8)

We are serving a real God, He is the real God because He knows the future and controls historical events.

To challenge and test a real so called god, allow him to tell you the future in the next 2000 years in great details.




God created human being in His likeness with Free will.

God commanded Adam that in all fruit bearing trees in the garden, he should not eat the fruit of the tree that bears the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. The fruit of the tree of everlasting life is also in the garden.

As we know under perfect condition, the first couple disobeyed God that leads to sin and death.

The Holiness of God demands that the sinner will be separated from His presence. The Justice of God demands that the sinner must be punished. However, the Love of God demands that the sinner must also be forgiven. How will God balance His nature towards a fallen creature?

“Emmanuel” God is with us! Jesus Christ, the visible manifestation of the Invisible God.( Colossians 1:15)

He was like God in every way, but he did not think that his being equal with God was something to use for his own benefit.  (Php 2:6)
Instead, he gave up everything, even his place with God. He accepted the role of a servant, appearing in human form. During his life as a man,  (Php 2:7)
he humbled himself by being fully obedient to God, even when that caused his death—death on a cross.  (Php 2:8)
So God raised him up to the most important place and gave him the name that is greater than any other name.  (Php 2:9)
God did this so that every person will bow down to honor the name of Jesus. Everyone in heaven, on earth, and under the earth will bow.  (Php 2:10)
They will all confess, “Jesus Christ is Lord,” and this will bring glory to God the Father.  (Php 2:11)

The gospel preached by our Lord Jesus is the gospel of the Kingdom of God- Bringing Heaven to Earth.

The Lord teaches us to pray, “Heavenly Father, May Your Name be lifted up. May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” (Matthew 6: 9-10)

Bringing the culture of heaven to earth, not earth to heaven. ( Read the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven in Matthew 5-7)


  1. Thirsty and Hungry for Righteousness
  2. Person who CONQUERS – one who successfully overcomes problems or weakness.

Continues to do what I commanded to the end (Rev. 2:26)

Stand against strong persecution or false doctrine. Discipline, diligent watch and dedication (Rev. 3: 1-3)


Our brothers conquered him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they did not cling to their lives even in the face of death.  (Rev 12:11)

The blood OVERCOMES Satan’s accusations, Jesus’ death and resurrection.


having erased the charges that were brought against us, along with their obligations that were hostile to us. He took those charges away when he nailed them to the cross.  (Col 2:14)
And when he had disarmed the rulers and the authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in the cross.  (Col 2:15)

The word of their TESTIMONY OVERCOMES Satan’s deception. The work of God in our life, our testimony to bear, we know what we have seen, heard and experienced from God.

They OVERCAME him….They did not love their lives to the death.

Loving not their lives to death. Loving not their lives OVERCOMES Satan’s violence. If they do not cling to their earthly lives, then there really is No Threat Satan can bring against them. If we believe to live is Christ and to die is gain. (Philippians 1:21)

Many believers will be beheaded. (Rev. 20:4)

Will our physical lives be the most precious thing to us, or will we find our life by losing it for Jesus? (Mark 8:35)

What is our PRIORITY?

But first be concerned about God’s kingdom and his righteousness, and all of these things will be provided for you as well.  (Mat 6:33)

DISQUALIFICATIONS: SECOND DEATH- Prohibited to enter to the new heaven and new earth (Rev. 21:8)

  1. Cowardly – Deny Christ, permit the mark of the beast. No courage to tell the truth and face the consequences; but shirked it. Avoid and neglect duty to Christian profession. Disloyalty to Christ. Recanted under persecution.
  2. Unfaithful – Untrustworthy (Rev. 2:10)
  3. Detestable- They claim to know God, but they deny him by their actions. (Titus 1:16). They are disobedient, and disqualified to do anything good.
  4. Murderers – No concern for the welfare of his neighbor and brother.
  5. Sexually Immoral- Fornicators and Adulterers
  6. Sorcerers – Practicing magic spells, unlawful arts with the devil. Witchcraft.
  7. Idolaters- Greedy or love of money. Worship of the devil for fame and glory.
  8. Liars – Offend against the truth or speak not the truth from their hearts. Practice falsehood.

The world will be burned and God will create a New Heaven and New Earth.

DON’T BE A FOOL AND STUPID! – The Parable of the Rich Fool

Parable of the Rich Fool

Then he told them a parable. He said, “The land of a certain rich man produced good crops.  (Luk 12:16)
So he began to think to himself, ‘What should I do, since I have no place to store my crops?’  (Luk 12:17)
Then he said, ‘This is what I’ll do. I’ll tear down my barns and build bigger ones, and I’ll store all my grain and goods in them.  (Luk 12:18)
Then I’ll say to myself, “You’ve stored up plenty of good things for many years. Take it easy, eat, drink, and enjoy yourself.”‘  (Luk 12:19)
But God told him, ‘You fool! This very night your life will be demanded back from you. Now who will get the things you’ve accumulated?’  (Luk 12:20)
That’s how it is with the person who stores up treasures for himself rather than with God.”  (Luk 12:21)

Then he told them, “Be careful to guard yourselves against every kind of greed, because a person’s life doesn’t consist of the amount of possessions he has.”  (Luk 12:15)

We need to REPENT from the sins mentioned in Revelation 21:8 and become an OVERCOMER.

REDEDICATE ourselves to God.

To live by faith, in righteousness and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Holy, blameless and godly people of God.